What’s a Fit and Ready Prospect?

Many established Small Businesses are missing the buyer-centric revolution occurring throughout the last decade that is transforming the way companies create, market, and sell new products and services.

Companies that have been offering the same products or services for a decade or more tend to remain unaware that the buying preferences of their Network of Customers has changed, and for some, have drastically changed.  For this, CEO’s need to implement a renewed Product-Market Fit discovery with their customer base to uncover these changes.  

Product Market Fit is more than just matching products and services to market need.  Through a Customer Discovery process, Product Market Fit can reveal a distinct roadmap for your buyer’s journey that reveals the way in which your customers prefer to do business today, and, reveal what price makes them willing to part with their money to buy your offerings.  

Messaging … What if?

Buyer-Centric processes are facilitated to a person and are visionary.  

Today’s effective Product Management principles give the heave-ho to blanket value-proposition statements in favor of visionary, feature-by-feature statements meaningfully created to a person (Personas).

These statements begin by describing the buyer’s (undesired) current state to connect them with a vision for a desired future state that your offering will deliver.

Visioning the journey between current (undesired) state to their future, desired state will enhance the experience of each influencer or decision-making stakeholder. Placing focus on the personal impact your offering delivers and creating the vision of their desired future state will create preference with each Stakeholder for your offering and help your Sellers maintain this preference throughout the entire buying process.

A secondary benefit of using these Product Principles in that you will accelerate the learning process of new Sellers. Get them from zero to hero faster!