Want to Be a Superstar Sales Professional? (Part 4 of 7)

This ONE Bold Move Can Make the Difference
The Modern Sales Professional – Part 4 of 7


A quick Internet search or a review of back articles of favorite sales blogs and books will show a stack of ideas for improving our sales game.  Even here at Network Orchestrators, we contribute our ideas to coach folks for making improvements in their sales practice, as well as spreading good ideas from some of the great sales ‘gurus’.

But, what if the best ideas and the skills development and coaching by sales managers fall short for the driven, self-directed sales professional who is set on a career path to excel extraordinarily in sales, no matter what?

What if it’s time these potential superstars took a hiatus from working in the sales area of customer acquisition and take a stint working in the marketing side of acquiring new customers?

What if the biggest threat to becoming a super-successful sales professional isn’t falling behind in sales skills development and training, but missing an equally vital part of Customer Acquisition – Marketing? 

Equally for Marketers, if you want to advance your career in Marketing, no matter your specialty, spend a stint in sales.

Speaking from experience, this is a fail-proof way to expand your circle of competence for acquiring new customers.  Check out our PERSONA for The Modern Sales Professional and identify the combined sales and marketing threads that predict super star performance.