Seller's Track

This is the linchpin track for accelerating customer acquisition. Transform your Sellers to heightened and sustainable performance when they gain proficiency in executing all phases of a Buyer-Centric sales process.

Buyer-Centric Sales Process

1. Prospect

  • Top Account Prospect List
  • Prospect Ready Buyers ABM: 7-Drip Email Campaign
  • Gain Emotional Edge With Prospects

2. Qualify

  • Qualify Opportunity
  • Qualify Money & Budget
  • Qualify Decision Process
  • Qualify Timeframe

3. Discovery Pre-Close | Present | Close

  • Opportunity Discovery
  • Pre-Close
  • Presentation
  • Close the Deal

4. Post-Sell and Implementation

  • Delivery Team: Builds, Designs, Implements
  • Training (If needed)
  • Sellers Leverage New Customers for Referrals

Buyer-Centric Sellers


Sellers who transition to a Buyer-Centric Sales Process for top performance and predictable results, begin with the belief that they can.


Fiercely protect time; intentional with vital activities to get more done with less:

Sovereignty of the Important over Tyranny of the Urgent

Buyer-Centric Sales Process

Proficient in each phase of the Buyer-centric Sales Process:

Prospecting; Qualifying; Discovery and Close; Implementation and Referrals

Master Seller

A top performer who leverages their strengths to consistently reach personal goals and produce predictable results for their company

How we do it.


Seller Track
Net.O Engagement

Transforming Sellers to heightened and sustainable performance through transitioning to a Buyer-Centric Sales Process.

  • Workshop – Learning the Buyer-Centric Sales Process:

    We launch our Seller Track engagement by first convening Sellers in a learning Workshop to introduce the fundamentals of the Buyer-Centric Sales Process.

  • Mastery Practice Sessions:

    Sellers convene twice per month for 90-minute Mastery Practice Sessions that take a deep dive into learning and Mastery over each phase of the Sales Process. Mastery occurs over the next 90 days when Sellers apply learning and practice, real time, with their own prospects and customers.


    This Program results in Seller’s competing in and winning more deals, maintaining control of the sales process, and producing predictable revenue generation.

    $$$$ - $$$$$

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