About Us

We are assisting our Client’s transformative growth through Improved Customer Acquisition methods, one Human-Sentric™ encounter at a time.
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Marilyn Carpenter

Founding Principle, Network Orchestrators
Learner | Strategic | Input | Maximizer | Relator
Strategist, Curator, Executive Marketing and Sales Leader, and Certified Coach.

Marilyn helps growth-oriented Sales and Marketing Leaders orchestrate Human-Sentric™  Methods to resonate conversations and messages that draw buyers in to them, despite all the digital noise surrounding our modern buyers, today.    

Marilyn’s winning move for her clients: She is supremely strategic and surgically tactical to help her clients transform each encounter with buyers - to get invited into more deals, and become the Trusted Advisor - who wins the deal.  

joe schum

Joe Schum

Managing Principle, Net.O
Soul Patch Hippo Executive Coaching
Responsibility | Learner | Input
Deliberative | Individualization
Certified Coach, Executive Sales and Marketing Leader, Certified Conversational Intelligence Facilitator

Joe is a student of the modern professional sales process based on the idea that whatever process you have selected for your teams, it’s the behavior within those processes and the conversations that you have with your clients and prospects that truly will transform your business.  True client acquisition and retention comes from creating a culture of trust that all parties can rely on for their mutual success.

Doug Bacon head shot

Doug Bacon

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Harmony | Arranger | Positivity
Empathy | Developer

A Gallup‐Certified Strengths Coach, Doug is the trusted advisor to the CEO and other top-level executives helping them transform to a strengths culture and take ownership of the process.   

The Mission

Network Orchestrators makes businesses bigger and better by solving a critical issue facing a number of CEO’s. We help accelerate the acquisition of new customers through the execution of Human-Sentric™ Methods that resonate with buyers.

The Vision

At Network Orchestrators, our vision is to create bigger and better businesses that create jobs, create wealth, and create a better everyday life for workers. Our business idea supports this vision by offering four Human-Sentric™ Service Tracks for our clients to make their Customer Acquisition Process a Competitive Advantage.

The Model

The foundation of our work stems from the context of our ever-changing digital world and the impact these changes have that misaligns the way B2B sellers sell with how today’s buyers buy.  And so, we commit to fill this growing need for leaders to augment existing sales systems with skills development … Human-Sentric™ Methods … to prepare Customer Acquisition teams to align with their buyers by connecting, building emotional equity, and building trust.

What happens when critical organizational revenue goals go unmet, even after treasure has been spent on product and sales training?  Leaders who come to hear about Network Orchestrators find our work is worth a deeper look.  Our message resonates because they are feeling the pain of doing what worked in the past, but finding these solutions are no longer effective.   

Network Orchestrators Model for working with our clients is through engagements with Marketing and Sales Leaders in our LeaDeRS First Programs: Learn. Do. Retain. Sustain.  Leaders also create custom Playbooks, followed by Coaching and Mentoring as they teach and practice with their teams for a complete Learn. Do. Retain. Sustain program.

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