3 Big Rock – Winning Moves to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Are you familiar with the ‘big rock’ principle?  The big rock principle is illustrated through a symbolic exercise: First, fill up a jar with big rocks; next, pour in gravel to fill the crevices between the rocks; next, pour in sand; last, pour in water.  Going through this exercise illustrates that if you focus on the small things first, you won’t have room for the big rock things, and, you get less as a result.  

Three big rock, winning moves that CEO’s must take to accelerate the acquisition of new customers and grow revenue predictably are as follows:

“Why Buy From You” – Company Vision, Mission & Brand Promise

Your Network of potential customers want to know what you can do for them to solve their business issues. However, what they most want to discover is –  why buy from you? They want to be inspired.

Your Sellers and Marketers need their CEO to clearly claim the company’s Vision, Mission, and Brand – so that they can communicate a clear message to their Network – “Why Buy From Us.”  This becomes a foundational platform that Sellers evangelize early in the process to build preference for your offering early and often, all the way through the buying process.   

Business Model

Technology and the Internet have enabled the creation of new business models that:

  • Better align with how your customers prefer to buy products and services
  • Improve the way you reach and serve your customers
  • Make your company more resilient to disruptive startups

When was the last time you ‘listened’ to your Network of customers and audited your business model, accordingly?

Buyer-Centric Processes

Successfully acquiring new customers for sustained growth is a hard thing for many Small Business CEO’s. Wouldn’t you love it if your process could create a buyer experience that inspires loyalty for repeat business and moves your new customers to actively make referrals for your Sellers?

The way to loyalty from your customers is earned through Buyer-Centric processes, where the value you deliver to each stakeholder (Persona) in the buying company takes center stage over company-centric and product-centric messaging and methods.    

CEO’s seeking to accelerate revenue generation will find they can create a competitive advantage through implementation of a Buyer-Centric Sales Process.