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"Buyers Overwhelmingly Say They Need Sellers To Lose Their Transactional Product-Speak And Resonate Relevancy!”

What Buyers Think About Sellers

Over the past year, what percentage of the Salespeople you met with...

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    Are Able To Converse Effectively With Executives
  • 0%
    Would Be Classified as Trusted Advisors Whom You Respect?
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    Could Clearly Explain How Their Solution Positively Impacts Your Business?
Harvard Business Review Survey Results

Net. O Skills Development & Sales Training Engagements

Conversational Dashboard
Net.O Coach Joe Schum presents on the Science of Conversational Intelligence:

… what’s really happening internally with our prospects when we try to engage them in a sales conversation;

… why having a transactional, product-centric conversation keeps the prospect closed and in skeptic mode.

… how to have a better quality sales conversation that moves the prospect towards trust and co-creating ideas.

Practice Diads: Resonate Relevancy!

Conversational Skills Practice:  Sellers role play Level I – Product-centric | Level II - Positional |and Level III - Human-Sentric™ sales conversations …

joe & Brad CMO Trigger Event
“Sellers … Having That First Meeting With A Newly Hired CXO”
  • Modeling how sellers can engage in Human-SentricTM discovery conversation with a newly - hired CXO [Trigger Event].
    • Objective of the Diad? Resonate Relevancy! The seller never mentions “Product”;
  • Get the commitment for a next discovery meeting by Resonating Relevancy! That makes a connection, builds emotional equity, and establishes the value solutions will deliver.   
    • What’s the CXO’s vision for their personal Promise Land?; What’s their Hero Journey look like?
Timeless Selling Principles:

… How can young, entry level Sellers have Human-Sentric™ prospecting conversations with potential customers that build emotional equity and trust? …. Resonate Relevancy!

Entry Level Sellers, Timeless Selling

Net. O Human-Sentric™ Skills Development For Sellers


Executive Track

Three winning moves to help accelerate new customer acquisition.

  • Human-Sentric™ Company Vision, Mission, & Brand Promise
  • Business Model
  • Human-Sentric™ Customer Acquisition as a Competitive Advantage

Human-Sentric™ Sales LeaDeRS Track

Learn. Do. Retain. Sustain: Drive Human-Sentric™ Methods Through Each Stage of Any  Sales System

  • Human-Sentric™ | Account-Based Prospecting
  • Human-Sentric™  Qualifying for “Fit” and “Ready”
  • Human-Sentric™  Opportunity Discovery | Close | Presentations
  • Human-Sentric™  Implementation | Referrals

Product Management Track

Infuse Human-Sentric™  product principles that lead the journey to predictable revenue growth.

  • Human-Sentric™  Product-Market Fit
  • Human-Sentric™  Why Buy From Us Messaging

Human-Sentric™ Marketing LeaDeRS Track

Learn. Do. Retain. Sustain: Human-Sentric™ Digital Marketing Methods that deeply resonate with our buyers and draw them to us to want to know more.

  • Buyer-Centric Website That Speaks Human  
  • Human-Sentric™ Assets and Content
  • Human-Sentric™  Sales Enablement
  • Human-Sentric™  CRM
  • Human-Sentric™  Social Media Participation

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